Freedom Without Restraint

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Allen Long Instructor: Ted C. Daniel English 1301 14 Nov. 2011 Freedom without Restraint Freedom in a denotative sense means without restraint. Throughout history countless men, women, and children have died for what many view as existing without restraint in both connotative and denotative senses. Many of these “freedoms” won were actually restraints that impeded the very men, women, and children who gave their lives for the sake of freedom. These restraints were sanctions, taxes, borders, and deprivation of personal property. However, I define freedom without restraint on personal property, borderless societies, and tangible currencies. Personal property is the essence of freedom. Restraining an individual from possessing and using personal property as they desire is a blatant act of tyranny. Personal property is commonly thought of as tangible assets in the form of shelter, food, and water; however, personal property extends to the owner of these various tangible goods. Common abuses regarding the freedom of personal property ownership include housing regulation, right to travel, and restrictions regarding the production, possession, and exchange of goods. Practicing the use of personal property guarantees I have the right to build a dwelling, travel freely, and trade with other individuals without oversight of other human beings. Individuals are the owners of personal property and reserve the right to use their property in any manner regardless if it is their own flesh and blood or tangible possession without encountering any limitations concerning use as long other individuals are not deprived of their personal property. Man-made borders are nothing more than a state of mind held by many and used to the advantage of a few tyrants to enrich their estates by selling the idea of nationalism. Tyrants impose sanctions and tariffs on the population of a given
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