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Freedom Summer During the summer of 1964, there became a highly publicized campaign in the south to register African Americans to vote. There were thousands of civil rights activists who descended on Mississippi and other southern states to try and end the long-time political disownment of African Americans. When African Americans gained to right to vote there was not much change. Many African Americans were denied the access to register to just even become a voter. This is what one part of Freedom Summer was about. Even though the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) had labored for civil rights in rural Mississippi since 1961, the organization found that violent resistance by people that where in favor for segregation in rural areas of Mississippi would not allow for the kind of direct action campaigns that been successful in areas like Montgomery and Birmingham. The 1964 Freedom Summer project was designed to draw the nation’s attention to the violent oppression experienced by Mississippi blacks who attempted to exercise their constitutional rights, and to develop a grassroots freedom movement that could be sustained long after student activists left Mississippi. When you look at Freedom Summer in a short-term point of view, the movement was not really affective because it failed to get many black voters to register. When looking at it in a long term point of view, Freedom Summer played a key role in the Civil Rights Movement. It helped crumble the Jim Crow Laws that were constructed throughout the decades and showed the world about oppression and what people will go through to make sure they get their freedom. Southern white local and state officials kept African Americans from voting through various methods, such as poll taxes and literacy tests, but the biggest method was through fear and intimidation. African American suffered beatings and

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