Freedom Story Essay

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Creative Writing: Principal’s Writing Award: Freedom Beep beep beep beep… wham! Sophie slammed her hand down on the alarm and opened her eyes. Then she remembered today is the day. Today is the day she has been waiting for and dreaming about, for the past 18 months. Today Sophie is leaving for the USA to study in an American university for the next year. She has been accepted at college in San Diego living with other young teenagers. Party time here I come thought Sophie gleefully. Freedom Sophie jumped up for a quick final shower in her bathroom. Goodbye hot, stinky chicken shop that she had been working at, goodbye coles checkout and goodbye busking on Saturday mornings. ’Work, Work’ had been her motto for the last year to save enough to live overseas. Sophie had been saving for months to go to the states to make her dream come true. Downstairs her two older brothers came to say their goodbyes. Jason hugs her hard, “ill miss you sis!” thinking all the while that his girlfriend will now be able to enjoy the now vacant bathroom. Phil yanks her pony tail and demands he is coming to holiday with her in the US because he’s heard there’s so many hot chicks there. Phil leans in close, hugs her goodbye and says, “Love you Soph, and make sure you leave that $20 you owe me on the bench”. Sophie hugs both her brothers back and squeals how much she loved them and will miss them. Maybe not their smell she thinks to herself. The rooms that always smell like dirty socks and sweaty shorts. Actually what is that boy smell she hates? She smiles and thinks I won’t miss the bossing around, the yelling at me when I turn the stupid sport off the television, the first for most food. “Oh yes” Sophie cries, I am going to miss you both so so so much as she kisses them both goodbye. Finally Sophie is squashed in the car on the way to the airport with her mum and dad in the front
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