Freedom Riders Essay

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Taylor Vershay Ms. Turner PSCI-101 9 November 2011 Freedom Riders The film “Freedom Riders” on PBS is an inspirational story of the people who suffered in 1960’s during segregation. The Freedom Riders were a large group of nonviolent protestors. These civil right activists rode interstate buses into southern segregated United States to question the Supreme Court’s decisions. They consisted of mostly college students. This was one of the most successful methods that captured the country’s attention and influenced consciousness of the nation that dealt with racial prejudice. The main goal of the Freedom Riders was to protest against racial discrimination to challenge the Supreme Court and finally end segregation in the interstate travel. The student groups in Freedom Riders were very important because they tried to get involved the most with the political civil rights. They rode on the buses and protested against the southern segregation ideals. One of the first student groups to be made was the Fellowship of Reconciliation(FOR) which is a Chicago branch that was a pacifist organization seeking racist attitudes. FOR started the CORE in 1942 as a committee of racial equality. The CORE group consisted of approximately 436 members of many different backgrounds. The founders of CORE were an interracial group of students from Chicago. Bernice Fisher, James R. Robinson, James L Farmer Jr., Joe Guinn, George Houser, and Homer Jack were the main founders of the CORE. Many of the students in CORE were influenced by Mahatma Gandhi's teachings of nonviolent resistance. The students in CORE began protests against segregation in public accommodations by organizing sit ins. CORE did experience some tension between local control and national leadership, however they did also gain some success in integrating northern public facilities. When the CORE helped
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