Freedom of Will Essay

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omDOE1 Jon Doe Philo 114 Dr. Blank Blank 07 May, 2012 Freedom of Will In this project I will be discussing topics, on how Freedom of Will can exist, and how it cannot exist, and how humans perceive the difference between having Freedom of Will and having No Freedom of will. “Does God Exist,” are we “Destin by God.” Is God all good, all knowing, and all powerful? Does evil have a part in free will and if so who or what controls evil? If freedom of will does exist then we as humans can choose how we do things and how we carry out what we want to do. We choose our own destiny and we are responsible for our morals and our own actions. (Freedom of will and responsibility seem to be linked.) It is conceptual of our civilization that humans are creatures of having the capacity of choosing, on having the ability to recognized right from wrong, that we have the ability to choose what we do (and what we do not do) If we do have freedom of will, then there must not be a God to oversee our action and to guide us through the good things we do, and the bad things we do. God may have given us “Free Will,” but it is kind of pointless to make sense that we speak of freedom of choice if what were planning on doing is already known ahead of time. If we do have the free will to choose what we can do and what we cannot do, then God and The Devil cannot determine or know the foreknowledge course of our lives. “It is impossible for God to know the future actions of DOE 2 humans to be true and (for that action to not occur,)” and the statement “If God knows that a future action is true, then it is impossible for that action to occur.” Even though the meaning may sound the same both cannot be true (I think I said it right?) “A human can do what he wants, but not want what he wants”. So impart God cannot be both Omnipotent and Omniscient. A choice cannot be predetermined by God

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