Freedom of Want Essay

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Freedom of Want On a cold winter morning in Amherst, Massachusetts the Green family sat in their living room about to discuss an important topic. Rebecca was sitting quietly on the couch with her ears waiting for something to be heard from her parents. “Rebecca,” said her mother, you’re father and I have both been transferred for our jobs all the way to New Jersey.” “That’s great news!” proclaimed Rebecca. “I am so happy you’re not upset.” Her father said with shock. “Also, there is one more thing,” Her mother told Rebecca. “Since your homeschool teacher could not travel with us, we decided to put you into a private school with many different children. “Oh my goodness!” Rebecca shouted. “I will get to meet new friends and play with them at recess!” “Yes you will!” Her parents said with a smile. The Green family moved into their new house. The next day was nine-year old Rebecca’s first day at a real school and her parents’ first day at their new job spot. Rebecca could not wait to walk through her new school doors and meet new friends and her new teacher. After her teacher welcomed her and introduced her to the class, people were amazed that she was homeschooled. Her teacher was impressed to see her social skills. Later on that day during Rebecca's literature class, the students were asked to write a paragraph on their favorite Thanksgiving memory. Rebecca was confused because she had no idea what Thanksgiving was. When Rebecca got home, from her first day at her new school, her parents were so exited to here all about it. “How was your first day?” asked her father with excitement. “It was great! I made so many new friends and the teachers could not even tell I was homeschooled.” “That is wonderful!” Her mother and father shouted in unison. “Mom, dad,” Rebecca said softly. “Today in school we were asked to write a paragraph on our

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