Freedom Of Speech In Schools

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FREEDOM OF SPEECH IN SCHOOLS Freedom of speech in school is a very touchy situation but a very serious First Amendment Right which have so many different opinions by politicians, Judges, School Administrators, Parents and the most important the Students themselves. Whether society looks at students as children who needs to shut up and do as they are told without expressing how they feel or as students who have the same right as everyone else who believes freedom of speech is a right govern by the Constitution of the United States. There are many different opinionated people who have their own beliefs or views when it comes to student having liberties to say what they want and when they want. Should students just do as they are told or should they have the freedom to express themselves? Student Toni Kay Scott, a seven grader in Napa, California felt she had the right to freedom of speech in School by disobeying Redwood Middle School dress code a dress code to help fight against gangs activity by requiring the students wear types clothing with solid color. T.K. wore what she wanted on the first day of school and was taken to the principal office by a Police Officer there to watch arriving students. She was given a chance by to change clothes to stay at school or go home and she chose to keep her freedom of speech and stated “I will go home.” T.K and other Student’s parents stood up for freedom of speech and sued Napa Valley School District in Court. Fighting for Freedom of Speech in Schools (Good, 2007). It was ridiculous to send her home the principal should have gave her a warning and call the parents and talk to them about it but yet they choose to send her home. Breaking an middle school dress codes is far from drawing a portrait of yourself nude and displaying it into a art gallery. Virginian Pilot Newspaper was against Beth Reid 17
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