Freedom Of Speech Essay

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The freedom to write what I please, whenever I please, and however I please is something I enjoy. I love to sit and let the words flow from my head, through my hand and onto the paper. Writing is relaxing and calming for me, I can let all my emotions flow onto the paper and they disappear when I throw it away or store it in a secret place. The point of this is that I can decide what I am going to put on that page without anyone objecting or taking that right from me. Regardless of my whereabouts, the time of day, or who I'm with I can always take off and write all I need is something to write with and on. It doesn't matter how long I write or what I write about all I have to do is think about my favorite subject matter. For example, one can choose to discuss on the page presidents, history, science, english, or how much they hate math class. I can always pick what I want to write about and how much I want to write. But the main problem today is being able to find the time to write, it is nearly impossible. Depending on what you write on that page you can run the gamut of emotions. Sometimes what is written will bring about a flood of memories. The appreciation and joys I feel from writing a poem, letter to someone, or anything that I can go back to read later and be able get a smile, a laugh, or a tear means so much to me. I can also decide what I want my letters or words to look like. "Do I want them blocked, cursive, yellow, green, upside down, or backwards?" I can sit down and just let my emotions flow onto the paper without the worry of someone overruling me when I write this. I don't have to worry about what others may feel when they read my writings because it brings joy to me to be able to see others experience what I felt when writing it. In other places, like third world countries, the freedom to write is forbidden. If I wasn't allowed

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