Freedom Of Speech Essay

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Freedom of speech is a amendment that every citizen takes advantage of when expressing taught, ideas, or what on their mind. Realizing that one comment can cause alot tribulations when expressing any ideas at the wrong time and place, after reading the case hearing I believe a suspension was due to inappropriate comments that was made on the sign, the saying “Bongs Hits 4 Jesus” promotes drugs in high school. When the principal decide to suspend Fredrick she didn’t intend to pick on Fredrick, the sign was not welcoming in a school environment. Fredrick should have been suspended in any circumstance when it comes to promoting drugs in a safe drug free environment. Every student has the knowledge of what type of actions can take place and what actions cannot take place during school hours or property. While reading other cases In Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School Dist., 393 U. S. 503 , and the Court confirmed, in holding that a course of action ruling out high school students from wearing armbands violated the Amendment, the court ruled in the decision of the school. Fredrick sign was promoting negative idea about drugs in a school environment that causes distraction that can lead into higher situation, Morse was blowing out the fire before the fire spreads across the barn. Thru out high school there are assembly’s, handbooks, and even seminar stating the severe punishment that will happened if anything relating to drugs on took place on school property. Every school is a drug free zone; I think punishment was given at the right time and length. We send our kids to school to get away from all the bad habits that are on the street to get an education so they will be successful in life, and the best place to send them it to school which is a drug free environment. If the sign was presented not at a school event it would had been appropriate no harm

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