Freedom of Slavery Essay

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If the civil war had not been fought, I think slavery would have eventually ended. During the mid 1800's slavery was a profitable investment but becoming less and less profitable. Plantation owners were trying to maximize their profits which caused a lot of moral issues as well as economic issues. Due to increasing public pressure and the beginning of factories, slavery would not have been a problem for much longer than the 1920's if the Civil War not been fought. If the civil war had not been fought is it possible to conclude that slavery would have persisted until at least the 1900's. Slavery was immoral and just wrong at all levels. The opinion of slavery was very popular and talked about all around the world. England for instance, looked down upon slavery and often required its colonies to discontinue slavery. Slavery would not have continued as America evolved into an industrial nation. It's not to say that the boom in technology would have happened if not for the Civil War but it is safe to say it was inevitable as businesses grew. Starting in the 1820-1830's the southerners were looking for excuses to justify slavery, often using verses from the bible and bending them to fit their views. The South was getting desperate to justify slavery to themselves and the rest of the world. The Dutch and English were against slavery, making the South in a bad public position. Farming equipment, because of tariffs, had to be purchased from the North to the South instead of from England. Products were cheaper, however, the North made sure they were getting the best deal by charging huge taxes on the imports. The cotton industry was reaching its peak and its eventual decline. If the Civil War not taken place, the South would have started to modernize which would have required some skilled labor. Slaves had to be watched constantly. Technology makes slaves useless. Slavery is
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