Freedom of Expression: Limited or Limitless? Essay

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Freedom of Expression: Limited or Limitless? The photo of the defaced Islamic Center of America causes a lot of concerns to arise when it comes to freedom of expression. Should there be more limits placed on this right? Though, with that question being asked brings up other questions: how can the limits that are already in place be defined? Should causing offense be one of the limits placed? Would placing new limits be effective? We have the right to be religious and to choose to practice religion or to not be religious at all. We also have the right to practice any religion of our choice and to change religions at any time. In this picture, in my opinion, this is taking away from the Islamic-Americans’ right to religion. I feel this is telling them to leave our country and take their religion with them. It’s a sad thing really, that we claim to be the land of the free but at the same time our citizens are singling out religious groups and harassing them. Is this not breaking a limit that is already in place? This is an example of the issue regarding freedom of expression. This photo is just one way freedom of expression is being abused. As a country, we are still battling racism and what is considered a racist expression even though we already have antidiscrimination laws. Terms like rag-head, white trash, nigger or beaner are too often used with little concern that it may be very offense to other people. If causing offense was a limit to freedom of expression, it might protect many people from feeling offended. If causing offense was a limit enforced to freedom of expression, it could be defined as: offensive to religion, race, gender or sexual preference of a person or group. This could potentially help with stopping people from abusing their right to express freely. On the flip side, if no more limits were placed on freedom of expression, could we as

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