Freedom for the West Essay

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The railroads brought new change to what Americans everyday lives. The two most important effects of the coming of railroads on everyday life and ideas in late 19th century New Mexico and southern Colorado were Manifest Destiny the incorporation of the West. John O’ Sullivan from the New York, Morning Post states that 1.)“(It is).. our manifest destiny to overspread and to possess the whole of the continent which providence has given us for the development of the great experiment of liberty.” 1 Americans know thought it was their right to take the land in the West and that it was also part of their freedom. The railroad brought corporate entities to the West 2.) where traditional life for Hispanics in New Mexico once based on sheep farming, after the acquisition of it by the U.S changed, now came the eastern mining companies and commercial ranchers and farmers. 2 The incorporation of the West also affected plains Indians. 3.) With the introduction of horses led a shift from farming and hunting on foot to using the horses, so they moved to the great plains to take advantage of this. 3 Many changes were created by the railroad it gave Americans the need to spread across the continent and to take advantage what was in front of them. This negatively affects Native Americans in particular, forcing them from their lands and changing how they lived. Hispanics were also effected, they had to move to the new mines and railroads because they could no longer make a living off of sheep farming or their other occupations. The railroads spread a nation and it also helped to destroy parts of

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