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Good morning everyone, my name is Jerry. Before giving you the article summary I would like to briefly talk about Freedom Foods’ background. According to their official website, Freedom Foods Group Limited is a diversified food company operating within the health & wellness sector. Being the market leader in Australia, it achieved operating EBDITA of 5.4 million dollars according to the latest financial report. There are different brands under the Freedom Foods’ Group Limited as shown on the slide. The photos here are products of the organization. Now, for the article summary. The article suggests that there is an increase in the number of health conscious eaters and due to the rise in food niches Freedom Foods has benefited a share price increase of 300% last year. Being a part of the fast growing segments both in overseas and domestically; the writer of this article, a portfolio manager believes there will be an increase in demand of high quality and safe dairy products for Australia in the short run and the same in overseas, in particularly South East Asia, China and the US in the medium term. The article also highlights that this market has high barriers to entry and Freedom Foods is currently in favour of the strong competition in the health & wellness sector due to the facts that Freedom Foods is a long established organisation and is able to control the supply chain from paddock to plate. Lastly, the article indicates the existence of solid internal management and strong balance sheet, which will lead to a positive outlook for future investment. For the Strength and weakness of SWOT. There are obvious strengths already mentioned in the article summary. On top of that, the market segment of FF’s is growing at 15% annually and FF’s has a strong and growing consumer base. And the company diversifies well. As for the weakness, after our

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