Freedom And The American Dream

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Nourhan Samy Mohamed Khairy Essay Course 3 Saturday 18,2010 Freedom and the American Dream What is meant by being free? Why is it always an issue of discussion? These questions are common and sometimes they have been the dominating issues in some societies like the American society. Many years ago, from the very early steps in founding the new American society, freedom has been one of the most important concepts which people have dreamed to establish. Actually there are two sides in this issue, one of them is the ideals and the literal concepts that they have wished to keep and the other one is the lived fact that exists on the reality. On one hand, the American dream ideals of freedom are: people are equal; all humans have the same rights and no superiority at all. These are the theories that have been figured out to establish a society based on justice and fairness. Being free according to the American Dream is to illuminate any constrains or restrictions. On the political side, everyone is free to reject, to revolute and simply to say no. Another aspect of freedom which the American Dream stresses is the freedom of religion as the early founders of the American society have suffered a lot from religious abuse. Freedom of religious beliefs is a basic right for everyone, and any difference in religion cannot be a reason for difference in the gained rights in society. As the American Dream has given great value to the individual, the freedom of expressing person’s opinion and thoughts has imposed itself. Individualism that the American Dream has believed in has made people believe that as they are free individuals everyone should have an opinion and it must at least be heard and respected.

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