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Beth Vince Freedom Essay The theme of freedom can be interpreted in many ways. In his short story, “The Strangers That Came to Town” Ambrose Flack is showing that true freedom is about being accepted. This is being shown by the fact that the Duvitches are immigrants, Andy’s character and behavior, and the setting of America. To begin, Flack writing the Duvitches as immigrants supports the theme of freedom. The Duvitches directly gain some freedom by immigrating to America. They immigrated to America because they weren’t happy - to put it lightly - where they used to live. They had to immigrate if they wanted to be free. Also, there would be less importance to them being immigrants if the central theme wasn’t freedom and acceptance. The story still would’ve worked, but the Duvitches being immigrants just makes the theme even more obvious. In addition, Immigrants would seem very different than the other people in Andy’s neighbourhood, which he described as “a very pretty neighborhood” (1), and “our small smug town” (1). The Duvitches seeming different would require the townspeople to accept them and allow them to feel like they belong in the community. The fact that the Duvitches are immigrants reinforces the theme of freedom. Furthermore, Andy’s character supports this theme. The fact that Andy is a teenager is important, because he probably wouldn’t have fully formed his only values and opinions yet. He is still leaning, and can still be influenced by the actions of others, causing his opinions to change. If he was older, he might’ve already formed an opinion on immigrants that he would stick with, whether it was good or bad. Another reason Andy’s character is important is because the fish incident (6) probably wouldn’t have happened if Andy had been any more mature or initially accepting of the Duvitches. This event was important

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