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Movie Assignment: Freedom Writers – Erin Gruwell Chapters 1 and 2 Connect with others: Communication is relational (Engleberg & Wynn, 2013). The way that we communicate depends on the nature of the relationship and affects the options of one’s communication strategies and skills. In Freedom Writers, Erin Gruwell initially faced challenges in communicating with her students because there was a culture barrier. She had no idea what kind of struggles they each faced every dfay until the students opened up to her. Once she was learned to relate the content of her course to their everyday struggles, she was exposed to their culture and their communication was enhanced as their relationships grew. Feedback: According to Engleberg & Wynn (2013), feedback is “any verbal or nonverbal response you can see or hear from others.” A person who is giving feedback might nod or frown to nonverbally express that they are listening. One who is capable of interpreting feedback accurately is able then to assess if the message and is being received positively and, if necessary, change their plan of action to achieve their purpose. Erin Gruwell had to change her approach several times before she got through to the students. For example, in the beginning of her course, the students hardly acknowledged her and gave her dirty looks or smirked at her when she tried to reach them. As the course progressed, however, they asked questions and encouraged her to show that they were eager to learn. Ethical communication: Ethics requires an understanding of whether communication behaviours meet agreed-on standers of right and wrong. (Engleberg & Wynn, 2013). Some applicable points from the National Communication Association for Ethical Communication’s credo are striving to understand respect other communicators, promote human potential, and sharing information while

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