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FREEDOM Freedom is a word I feel we as young Americans take for granted. The extent of our freedom in America is self-evident when we stop and compare it to the lives of others our ages. We come to appreciate the laws of freedom which have been instituted and alter our lives from the rest of the world. Perhaps reflecting upon the hardships in other countries is the best way to respond to “What is freedom?” Freedom of religion is very relevant. We as Americans choose to follow the religion of our choice and practice it as we want as long as we stay within the law. We also have the choice not to practice any religion. In many countries, people are limited upon the number of religions allowed to be practiced. Some religions are even abolished. Freedom of voting is a right that our ancestors have fought for and have endowed to allow us to live in a country of democracy. We have the right to vote for the next leaders of our great nation and therefore share our voice in democracy by practicing our right to vote. Versus, other people live in a nation where their voice or vote is meaningless. Santos 2 Freedom of choice is the right to choose what we want and don’t want. I feel this is one of our greatest freedoms, because we choose what we want in life and have the right to the pursuit of happiness based upon that decision. Our outcome of life derives from our consented choices in life. Some countries determine the life of a child from the moment of birth starting with their marriage and ending with their career. The above are just a few of the freedoms that we as Americans are blessed with. We have many numerous unalienable freedoms that need to be appreciated rather than taken

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