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CIVIL RIGHTS AND ITS FAILURES WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO FREEDOM WRITERS INTRODUCTION American Civil Right Activist and Nobel Laureate Martin Luther King Jr once said ‘we are not makers of history. We are made by history.’ This notion by King is important in understanding and comprehending the situation that developed in American after the Civil Rights Movement. This paper will therefore venture into the topic Civil Rights and its failure, and do so with a special reference to the movie Freedom Writers. It must be mentioned here that the reason why this topic was chosen is, despite the majority’s belief this is rather dry and limited to American context which I beg to differ, because the movie, in great extent not only reveal the underlying hostility which established after years of marginalization but also why segregation continued even after a movement of such magnitude such as Civil Rights Movement attempted to amputate it from the core. Most importantly it also brings to light the problem of identity is not a problem that happened in some distant land (America) decades ago but a very apparent, continues and meticulous process taking place in almost all countries, in all societies. The only relevant thing to an Asian audience watching that movie is not the teacher-student relationship but rather how despite laws being put in practice, almost all heterogeneous societies continues to face this problem of self segregation. Thus this movie reveal that we are also very much like them. The paper will therefore focus on the Civil Rights Movement itself, the development of Freedom Writers Diary, and make an analysis of the movie FREEDOM WRITERS and bring to light how it projects context in which Civil Rights failed and why this appealed to me personally and why I believe situation projected in it is relevant to all societies. AMERICA. The land of Free and

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