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Mihkail Moore ENG 120: English II Professor Megan Sternecker Summer 2012 Freedom Freedom is regularly a notion that is, misinterpreted and has little meaning if a mutual definition is lost (Hughes). It is regularly defined for societies by organizations that to limit our freedom that even appears to be so short-lived (Fuentes). Novelist, Carlos Fuentes excerpt defining freedom motivates the reader to think about the true meaning of freedom, saying, “There is no freedom, but the search for freedom. And the search is what makes us free”. This quote covers a broad area of idea known and original. The initial part of the quote, he states that freedom is what it is supported by people actually searching for it. This quote contains two essential sections. Firstly, the actual search for freedom, allows freedom to survive. The method of struggling for freedom guarantees its continued existence. Then again, the second aspect of this quote shows; because a person must forever be in conflict to attain freedom just so that it would exist, one can by no means truly accomplish the goal of being entirely free. According to Fuentes, institutions often take the liberty of defining freedom for individuals (Fuentes). The challenge with this is that this defined freedom eventually decreases as the institution gains more and more power. Ultimately what was once defined as freedom becomes something else entirely, that represents lack of freedom, more than then freedom itself. An example of just such an institution can be found in America, a country based on the ideals of freedom. America was founded with the principles of individual freedom. In the beginning, definition of rights, individual freedom, was the utmost important concern for the institution of American government. More than two centuries later, this institution has evolved from instigator and

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