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FREEDOM This paper about freedom. Freedom remains the basis for American society as we know it. It was the basis of the finding fathers finding this nation. Freedom has many denotations and canotations. Freedom has many definitions depending on the user and circumstance. Freedom in a first class country would be different from freedom to a person in a third world country. By dictionary definition it is the state of being free not under physical restraint. It is the excemtion from external control and the right to determine ones action without restrain. To me freedom is the right to make your own choices, in the abcence of pressure and enforcement from others. There are various forms of freedom which I shall categorise under personal freedom, political freedom and social freedom. Freedom cannot be without limits, that’s why we have laws and courts to enforce the limits to our freedom so we don’t infringe the rights of others. Personal freedom relates to a personas freedom. “Personal” is associated with everything that relates to a person which is totality of who and whatyou are where “who” represents your personality or self and “what” represents your physical nature as a human being. Personal freedom is freedom of one human from another, but also the freedom of yourself from your own compulsions. Personal freedom is not being able to do whatever you want literraly because that would be omnipotence. In reality there is restrictions to to this freedom. It is the freedom of thought and intensions the roots of which all our wants come from. Attempts to get these wants are limted to confines of reality. Laws and rules enforced by law enforcements and courts limits our personal freedom so we cannot use this freedom to infringe on others personal freedom. Political freedom deals with the politics. Politics has to do with government and how power is used and distributed.

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