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The impact of soecial media in the society nowadays rapidly increased. Not only In personal life, but also in the business life. Obviously this ahs to do with the coming of sites as facebook, twitter, llinkedin and tumbler. Ofcourse this does not mean all the oppourtunities social media offers are efficienely used. Social media connects people from all over the world. It makes the connection people feel towars each other much more intense, especially over a long distance. Businesses do not always recognize the advantages this new medium offers them. Therefore, it is essential to show the potentials it has to offers. Also, social media can nbe used to recruit and hire people. If, for example, the HR department is looking for a potential employee, it might use websites as Llinkdin, twitter of even Facebook to look out for them. Also, ifsomeone reacts on an advertisement social media might be used as a background check. People nowadays are less open to commercials on billboards, the tv or radio. Instead, they value the opniong of other costumers anf people around them. If someone in their interest group reviews a product as good, they are willing to buy the product. Therefore, companies should use this as a way to attracht new customers. The old marketing tools can be forgotten and the opportunities the online social world hasvshould be used more. Another useful thing in which Social Media plays a role is a feedback system. Through sites as twitter and facebook customers can give feedback on products. This way, instead of only giving criticism towards a brand, brands can communicate with its loyal customers and try to take these advices into account in the production process. The threats of the internet should, however, not be forgotten. The social media is srising in popularity and is therefore also attractive to cyber criminals. The threats and holes in the

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