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Name: Linh T Do Date: 09/05/2014 Prof: Dr. Amir Sharifi Class: ESL 53C Essay #1 Writing is not for me In recent years, writing has already become a part of our life and it is a necessary skill in life. Although wherever and whenever you are living, you have to pay more attention to reading and writing, which are really important to our life. There are a lot of people who can illustrate their perfect ideas and their abundant imaginations to beautiful sentences, whom we can call as writers. There have been a lot of writers all over the world who have a part in influencing on our social life in many ways such as through newspapers, news or books. Besides, writers can also draw the big world with a highly polished style and series of pretty words onto some pieces of paper. Writers not only want to write about their emotions and their feelings, but also want to write about the realities like what they just see or hear and something just happened. It seems easy to become a good writer and influence other people but for me, I cannot be a writer. There are some reasons to support an idea that why I will not be a writer. First and foremost, I am not a person who is interested in writing because I do not have an attitude for literature at all. In fact, we cannot become a good and famous writer if there is no interest; then we cannot succeed in that field. Becoming a writer means that you love writing as a passion or a hobby. Writing is extremely boring to me because I cannot sit and focus to write for hours. Also, I am not a person who can create beautiful sentences with deep meaning which may let people want to read and learn from my stories. According to Peter Elbow in Free Writing “Many people are constantly thinking about spelling and grammar as they try to write” (13) .When I was in high school, I had to learn English, wrote many essays and created reports in English.

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