Free Will Is an Illusion

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“Freewill is an illusion” Discuss By Chunky This essay will be arguing that the statement is undoubtedly accurate. All the hard determinism thinkers would agree that free will is an illusion and is not possible. Hard determinism thinkers believe that we as humans never act freely and cant be judged for our actions as God has planned what we will do as humans. Gottfried Liebniz was a hard determinism thinker and said no human has free will and God determines every action. So anything that is done is by Gods will as he wanted that to be done. For example Liebniz would say that God willed me to write this essay to this standard this is why I am writing it at this level of quality, and not on the bases of my own essay writing skills. However this ideology can be directly criticised by highlighting the fact that this theory shows God to be evil as he allows evil to happen. For example one can say God is evil as he lets the world to have poverty and allows wars to happen. Satre would also criticise this as he has that it is our choice to write a good essay or not as we have the choice to learn how to write a good essay, if we don’t take the opportunity then it is our loss. Also Clarence Darrow also says that free is an illusion and also factors play a huge part in determining your action like the environment you live in, the amount of money you have and the upbringing you had. For example Darrow would say that a boy bought up in a family that is wealthy will get a good education as his family can afford it as money was the factor that made the boy get a good education. However this theory can be directly criticised as it is trying to say that if a person is a thief and they happen to be from a poor background, then they cannot be blamed for the crime they committed as Darrow says that the factors like upbringing have lead him to the crime, and therefore he

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