Free Will, Hope and Imagining

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The song “I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe talks about meeting God, seeing him , and finally coming to the conclusion that he is real and he is the creator of all. It is the purpose of living and one of the only reasons you should want to die. God put us on this world he made us who we are today and who we are going to be later in life. God had a plan for us all and we are all meant to follow his steps in this plan and if you do this heaven will be the answer. There are always questions like why is this happening to me or God hates me, but it’s all for a purpose he made his plan and its following through. Usually a lot of questions are asked and many are never answered I’m going to argue about free will, hope, and imagining. God is the reason for everything that happens. Free will is something that you cannot control, it is the choice that God gives us to live a great life. This only happens if we choose for it to happen. He gives us the choice to walk by his side or keep a distance which you should not want. It is the choice of whether or not you want your life to be all about you or about you and God. A form of ethos that this song shows is God wants us to to stand up for what we believe in, no matter what it is. That is probably one of the biggest reasons he gives us free will.The reason that we believe this is because he is God Almighty, creator of heavens and the earth. If he could do all of that then we should want to be with him since he gave us life and the ability to give us free will. He wants to be part of our life but he also wants us to control it ourself too. We have to make a decision and be in control of our own life. God wants us to believe in him to know about his presence that is a big reason he wants us to hope. He wants us to be waiting for that day to come when we actually see his face, but he wants us to wait until he thinks it is the
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