Free Will Essay

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My definitions of Determinism is that every event has a reason for happening. Free will is the ability to make decisions or choices Yes. I agree with explanatory causes for it could be permanent, pervasive or personal. An event to me is what is happening such as a party, graduation or sport festival. Explanatory cause is a figure of speech or excuse of why something happens such as ‘she calls in every time I work’. Yes, to me every human has a choice and each explanatory event has a cause. Human choice is the decision of doing right from wrong, voicing their opinion, deciding what university they attend. Human events are gatherings of something given such as movies, graduation, sports events and to me is no different than human choice for you decide if you want to attend or not. My explanation of being free would mean no rules and regulations to follow. I think free will and coexist together with determinism for humans have the free will and a reason for what is happening. Yes, each human can have external determinism and internal free will for when your inside tell you to do something but your self conscious tells you the correct thing to do. My imaginary Socrates is the following. As my daughter and I was sitting talking one day just chatting about this and that when I looked out the window and there were about 4-5 children playing which should have been in school, I ask my daughter let’s talk about this education and No Child Left Behind. Me; Is that an important issue concerning you? Daughter; Yes, for I have 2 other children that are struggling with the teachers in the public schools. Me; For you know I believe every child should have a good education and it is very important and maybe talking this over we can come upon a system to assist them. Daughter; yes, that will make sense to me. Me; For there is something lacking in the school

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