Free Web As The Primary Tool For Academic Research Essay

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MGMT 1000 – INTROUDUCTION TO COMPUTERS META COURSE DISCUSSION QUESTION #1 FREE WEB AS THE PRIMARY TOOL FOR ACADEMIC RESEARCH MATERIAL Academic research is investigation into a subject in order to discover or revise facts, theories and applications. It involves learning about main issues in a particular area, identifying central arguments made by all parties and engaging with the key works on your topic. Some of the challenges of academic research include finding central, reliable and relevant sources, (Iton, 2012). Some of the information sources used to conduct academic research include books, journals, newspapers, online libraries, e-databases and free web. As technology advances, using the free web as a primary source for academic research has its advantages and disadvantages. Online documents possess specific characteristics that make them stand out from other research tools. These characteristics include documents that are also available in print and in electronic format, being subject to quality control- peer review, copy editing, proof reading, editing, and providing a bulk of information that may or may not be relevant (Iton, 2012). Free web gives you access to many search engines and numerous directories. Search engines do not search the entire web, but an index of their database of web pages. Priority is given to major sites and rapidly changing sites like news sources. When searching the web one make remember that academic directories are arranged by discipline and specialist areas within these disciplines. These directories cater to academic researchers, critically evaluated by information professionals. They also point to ‘websites’ in a subject area giving you access to data, research papers, electronic journals, projects, organizations (Iton, 2012) Material obtained should reflect some high degree of authority. It should be

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