Free Trade Agreemenet Essay

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Juan F. Tellez Professor L. Caton. David ENC 2470 January 13, 2012 FTA Between Colombia and The United States of America Colombia and The United States of America have most of the time been two friendly countries with each other, and also have really good relationships. Colombia is one of the most important trading partners of the USA Government, and it is also the most important export market for agricultural products. In 2007, after long negotiations and studies, both of the countries finally signed a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between them. Unfortunately the agreement has not been implemented because the US Congress has not approved it yet. There are many good factors about this agreement that would help both of the countries, but there are also some critics to this FTA. I have selected two articles that are related with this topic, but they differ from each other because their purposes are completely different. To reduce the tariffs of the exported and also the imported goods are some of the things that an FTA between two countries tries to do. The first article that I chose to talk about is “TRADE POLICY AND EXPORT DIVERSIFICATION” by Gomez and Martincus .The audience of this article is basically a group of people with knowledge in economics and international relations. The audience of this article also includes people who are interested on getting to know more about the different benefits and disadvantages of exports that an FTA between Colombia and USA could have. The second article is “LAISSEZ FAIRE AND INTERNATIONAL TRADE” by Gauri-Shankar. The audience for this article is all people interested on the FTA between the two countries, and unlike the other article’s audience, these people do not have an extended knowledge about the topic. In the “TRADE POLICY AND EXPORT DIVERSIFICATION” article, the author’s approach is to introduce the audience to

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