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Matt Sotl 3/28/08 Quarterly Reading Essay Period 1-2 Mr.S Comparison of 2 tragedies’ In books and novels, there is a predominate theme that plays a large toll on the books purpose. When two books are similar like these two books, it is hard to figure out why it is that he books are alike but it takes so long to figure out the plot differences. That is why you actually have to analyze the books afterwards. The author of The Things They Carried has very good ways of showing us what the true reason of the books should be. He put in the fact in one of the paragraphs that he was “unclear” about whether or not he actually threw a grenade and killed a man out side” said O’Brien. It isn’t really about what the actually plot that matters, that just gets you interested about the real theme, and impacts that the book really has on he reader. To find a theme in a book you must know a little about the book. You have to know what theme is. The things they carried seems like it would be about the…show more content…
On page 140, it says that “patriotic resistance had the force of tradition,” which means that the young kid, like the American soldier, was not fighting for his own sake, but because he did not want to let his family down, putting shame upon them. Therefore, to resolve this problem, he went with the flow and so did the American soldier. Back at home, he received a letter that said that he was being drafted into the Armed Forces. His response to this was to flee from his hometown, heading up to the US-Canada border, where his plan was to cross over to Canada and flee his problems. After a few days of thinking the whole situation through he decided to return to his hometown and go through with the

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