Free Speech Or Free Hate? Coulter At U Of Ottowa Essay

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Free Speech or Free Hate?: Anne Coulters University Of Ottowa Speech Coulters speech being cancelled might have seemed like a victory to the crowd of protestors and Provost Francois Houle, although the consequences of their actions are likely to far outweigh any benefits they might have reaped through their attempt at political correctness. Houle’s vaguely threatening letter, in which he advised Coulter to “educate yourself about what is acceptable in Canada” even went as far as suggesting she would be criminally prosecuted for expressing her views. The email, meant to prevent an incident, incited Coulter and her organizer, Levant, to consider filing a formal Human Rights complaint, citing it as a violation of her free speech and adding fuel to the protesters fire. The University of Ottowa’s credibility took a serious hit after the incident, both for the muzzle the Provost tried to put on Coulter’s speech and the administrations failing to supply a secure setting for Coulters lecture, which led her to cancel it herself when police couldn’t guarantee security due to protesting. A solution that our group put forward doesn’t involve limiting free speech, but using it to allow opponents of Coulters views to speak on equal footing. Presenting her talk as a lecture legitimizes it and can cause some to see it being presented as truth rather than an opinion. Changing the format of it to allow others to question and debate her opinions doesn’t just mean her right to free speech is protected, but the right of her students and her detractors. A series of lectures, with Coulter as only one of the speakers, would be a viable solution. As long as all sides of the argument on her topics of Muslims in North America and security were addressed, students wouldn’t feel that Coulters view was the only one addressed. Same goes for a debate, which is another possible solution.

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