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Paper Proposal: Free Speech, Knowledge and Attitudes Tarnishing Tolerance within Societies Emma Lloyd 111526680 Theresa Romkey GS-222 Due March 17, 2013 In this day and age, tolerance within societies has become somewhat of a serious concern. Multiculturalism and equality has changed drastically over the years in a way that we attempt justify our intentions in different ways when dealing with such issues. I began to understand the atrocity and hatred that surfaces between cultures and sexuality on issues through world geopolitics and equality and how belittling it can be for some people to feel as though their rights have been taken from them. Not only this, but human rights have been taken so lightly that just when things seem to be moving in the right direction, the preconceived ideas of such concepts remain at a stand still, therefore I will be researching the effects of knowledge, free speech and attitudes upon tolerance. Through multiple examples, we may get a much better understanding of these issues and be able to get an idea of what has changed and what still has yet to be done. When reading “Toleration and Permissiveness” by Bernard Crick, I began to outline what is really meant by toleration and how it differs from permissiveness and intolerance. To tolerate something is to not accept something fully, but accept it for what it is. (Crick, 2) Permissiveness on the other hand is to not tolerate certain

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