Free Schools Essay

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Free Schools World Literacy by Soni Fitzhugh All transformational work begins internally and works outward from there. So, there is much that can be done within one’s own soul, and then, within one’s own home, and then within one’s own town or village or city. The commitment to oneself as committed to assisting in the transformation of one’s world. Some people have difficulty imagining that their outreach can extend very far, yet, the truth is that when people become organized and create an active, vital, working network, they can touch the entire world from their living rooms, and in a very profound way. I was introduced to an organization that exemplifies being the change you want to see in the world. The FreeSchools World Literacy program is a service project of InnerLife International Inc. FreeSchools began in 1999 in a convent school in Motihari, Bihar, India. British humanitarian Mark Bloomfield and Sister Crescence, Mother General of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart, devised a simple cost-effective model for educating desperately poor children who otherwise, would never go to school. Free Schools uses existing schools during normal closing hours. Priority but not exclusivity is given to girls. The students agree to teach their siblings what they learned each day. Retired teachers are hired to teach reading, writing, arithmetic, health protection, crafts, income generating skills and civics. There is no proselytizing or religious discrimination. A high protein meal and a set of clothes are also provided free of charge. The cost for a whole year of education for one child is $15. Literacy can help alleviate the widespread suffering of innocent people. In developing nations, ignorance, poverty and despair trap families in desperate circumstances and work a particular hardship on women and children. Girls are given priority because there are
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