Free Post-Secondary Education in America Essay

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How would you feel if somebody told you that you did not have the right to learn about cellular biology because your father works minimum wage? How would you feel if you could not attend a European History class because your skin tone is a few shades too dark? How would you feel if the law school you always wanted to go denied your acceptance because your mother never completed high school? Well, these are messages that are sent to thousands of kids in the US every year. Many minorities in America are less likely to gain access to post-secondary education (universities, academies, colleges) due to their socioeconomic status, and our government should implement a system of free education in order to help them gain admittance. If we can accomplish this, not only will we be able to grant equal and fair admission, we could eliminate the financial burden on students, stimulate our economy, and make our workforce even stronger. Many other countries around the world have already successfully implemented free higher education and we can look to them for inspiration and guidance. It is blatantly unfair that currently in the US students do not have equal opportunity to attend colleges and universities based on race and income, things that are out of their own control. It is unfortunately known by many that Asian Americans and Caucasians are more likely to attend higher education in the US than minorities such as African Americans and Hispanics Americans. The National Center for Education Statistics reports that from 2003-2009, the rates of immediate college enrollment after high school increased for Asian Americans and Caucasians, but not for African Americans. The 2011 Condition of Education study found that in 2008, 63 percent of college students were white, while only 14 percent were African American and 12 percent were Hispanic (Aud 2011). Many factors attribute to this,

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