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Creating a Plan for Positive Influence With the opportunity for improvement and with a new fiscal year ahead there is room for a new action plan. Motivation, satisfaction and performance are the major elements needed for business when dealing with people. The focus this year will be on the workforce. The company has decided to shift their focus on the variations in personalities and perspectives. Character types and variation in behaviors are what will be examined by trained experts. An effective organization spends time and money on their employees. This paper will demonstrate the effort our organization will take to reach our company objectives. As time passed and the organization expanded more, diversity came about. This was an attribute of the business that failed to be recognized as much last year. It is necessary in the new fiscal year to discuss the differentiation in motivations and personalities in team collaboration. In addition, it is necessary to focus on individual attitudes and values which affect and influence behavior. With the changing times there has been more of a focus on people and what makes them tick. Social media sites have also helped things evolve. Now and days businesses are getting involved in peoples actions and views and are doing what they can to get there name out there to keep up with competitors; guaranteed that some businesses will fall short if they don’t keep up with the shifting era. It was partly because of these understandings that made the organizations focus shift. Our organization recognizes that there are some people that are naturally driven to achieve goals while others think differently. It was necessary to evaluate the diverse personality types and create a management plan focused around identifying the distinctive personality types. When our organization does this we take it up another level and feel that we

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