Free or Paid Social Networking? Essay

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Free or Paid Social Networking? By: Crystal Clousher IT-331 Unit 1 Kaplan University Almost everyone with an internet connection has at one time or another visited a social networking site. Of those many have heard of Facebook and have come to think of all social networking sites as such a site. However, for a professional there are sites out there that allow them to network with potential employers and others in the same field. Of these sites one could break them down into two categories free membership and paid memberships. Do the pay sites provide more benefits then the free ones? What are the added benefits? Are the, sometimes high, fees worth it to join a site that requires dues? To answer these questions one needs to do a bit of research on some of the sites available. On the free side of things there is Monster and LinkedIn. Both of these sites provide job hunting services with nothing more than a free account. Monster is a popular site that provides job searches, networking, resume help, and articles and advice. LinkedIn provides the user with a profile type set up and allows them to make connections with others in the same field or even classmates or colleagues from the past. LinkedIn also provides job searching with sites like Google Jobs (Jobs on LinkedIn). There is also an area for users to ask and answer questions or just share advice. Overall, there are valuable resources when pursuing a career at both of these sites. For networking sites that require dues or a fee to join there are many options. Many of these sites are focused on just one general career field. Focusing on the Information Technology area one can find organizations such as the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP), the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the Network Professional Association (NPA), or Tech America. These are just a few of the many

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