Free Narrative Essays: Raves During The Vietnam War

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<BR> My best friend has been into the rave scene for some time now and has talked about all the parties she has been to. She invited me to a rave about a year ago and I did not know what I was getting into. I had seen a special about raves on one of those boring new shows that thinks it knows everything; I think it was 20/20. It talked about the raves in detail and explained how raves were becoming mainstream. My friend had seen the special too, and could not disagree. She had warned me about a lot of the things that went on at the raves, but nothing could prepare me for what was to come. <br>I walked into the crowded room and had a shocked initial reaction. The heavy smell of sweat and the claustrophobic loud music enveloped…show more content…
Hippies were the drug rebels of the Sixties, but had a semi-acceptable reason to get wasted and forget reality. They were rebelling against the Vietnam War. They believed the war was wrong and decided to go against society and the normal acceptance of the war by doing something that was not accepted, drugs. Ravers are not really standing for anything. They are just getting high to celebrate getting high or something like that. What they do have in common is that they both do not want to fit the cultural acceptance. In our society, Ravers wear many trends that are new. Many times, when something is new it takes awhile for it to be even slightly accepted. The accepted trend seems to be the “preppy” look that sends the message that since the person can dress well, they are well on their way to a bright future. Most of the Ravers I have met, however, do not care much about other people’s opinions. Even so, the opinions are still made, and the general analysis is that these kids are drug-addicted partiers that have no future. A lot of times this is true. What I have witnessed is a bunch of bored middle-class white kids looking for something to
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