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Electronic messages are used worldwide existing in about everyone’s life. Personally, emailing plays a large role in my life, too. Mail is delivered instantly anywhere in the world. No other method of delivery can provide this service. Timely buying and selling decisions can be made in a heartbeat. Paying for e-mails is not a good idea because we do not use any personal service, to control spam is easy and it is a popular way to communicate today. E-mail itself has many benefits, he has no time or place or send and view emails anytime you need to. Some drawbacks do exist, like the sender could send viruses through attachments if a recipient doesn't scan it. Electronic mail is subject to spam and unwanted ads from many sources, which could be a nuisance and could cause you to delete some of your personal messages. Email has changed the way we do business. We can communicate with clients instantly, shop for best prices online and inform many people for the same thing. People complain about the amount of email they receive. But when all is said and done, using email has impacted business in a positive way and has the edge over other methods of communication. From my perspective, if we add a fee to emailing, it wouldn’t be as efficient. People don’t want to pay for sending emails even if they are spam! Is charging a fee really a good idea? No, I do not think so. We expect that we can contact others by just paying for Internet service. Lot of Companies closes their offices at 5 p.m., and e-mail allows groups to exchange data at any hour. Making us pay for emailing isn’t a good idea because if that happens, emails will not be used frequently as they are today. Spamming is a problem, but making a fee to send emails isn’t an intelligent idea. People’ know email is an Internet marketing tool that is fast, easy to use, inexpensive and effective. That is why it

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