Free Fall Essay

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@ 7:30 me lamar And Brandon had left the studio brandon went home me and lamar went to mc donalds to use the bath room after we came out we went bact to the studio which right across the street so Lamar decides to run across beat the traffic u kno what we all do once in a while lol so yea im joggin across the street so i have to run in between to cars like 3 feet apart ... now knowin me Im always fly so yes i had my Dress shoes on lol and bow tie and all so u kno when car oil dries up it turns black under the car so right in between the cars was that oil shyt and as i ran between it i slipped up and landed chin ^ first on the hard ass concrete when i realized what happn i didnt move i spit and tiny little pieces of my back teeth came out no blood tho .. so i get up and start panicking not EVEN realizing the fact that my CHIN is Leaking ! first thing i said was WHY ME ! WTF DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS " lol and then i see a window i was goin to look at my reflection but i was scared of what i might see so instead i ask LAMAr >>"IS MY FRONT TEETH STILL THERE?" thankfully he says Yea bro but your chin is spillin and i was jus SPAZZIN lmao but um yea ambulance comes takes me to the SPital and i get my stiches and X Rays and then i went home today i went to a oral surgeon and they said ima be on physical therypy getting my Jaw to open and close correctly for a couple weeks and they said i fractured the inside bone of my jaw Joint its not displaced but u might not ever close and open your mouth the same again Imagine hearing those words lol i was like DAMN but f it i jus wanna get better so he said i gotta eat liquids and shyt so yea that sums it all up oh yea i broke or craked 5 of my teeth so ima be gettin some fill ins and a crown in like a week from now Seriously WHY DID THIS HAPPN IMA GOOD KID COME ON
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