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The Raven Theatre Company presented Radio Golf, by August Wilson, which was performed at the Raven Theatre and was directed by Aaron Todd Douglas. Radio Golf was the last play that August Wilson wrote before he died in 2005 caused by liver cancer. This play won the 2007 New York Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Play. The playwright, August Wilson was trying to demonstrate how life was still tough in the 1990’s for African American people. He intended to show how being black affected the role in being a politician, but at the same time he showed the devotion that African American people had in doing what they dreamt to do. The theater of the play was called the Raven Theater. The theater was built fairly recently, within the last ten years. It is designed with pictures of past plays and also upcoming plays, including all their brochures on tables near the entrance/exit. The theater is quite small compared to the Shakespeare Theater. The staging of the play is inside the building on the main floor towards the back. The stage is designed with the audience seats surrounding the stage. Because the area is quite small, the audience and the set are very close to each other, making the voices of the characters more clear as well as the set. The theater is designed with one main stage which is defined as a “thrust stage.” This is where the actors performed the play. The acting was done extremely well. All of the characters played their roles well and with so much expression. Harmond, Mame, Sterling, and Roosevelt, played their roles well and showed their dedication of the play through their acting. The emotions of the characters and their mannerisms helped the audience understand the role of each character and whether or not they were the antagonists or protagonists. One could tell that there was a lot of practice and rehearsals done before the play and that every

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