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Special Occasion Speech Special Occasion: Tribute Speech You will commemorate and pay tribute to an individual who you know or have known. It is not memorized and it is not impromptu. You will prepare what you want to say and you will practice your speech. In addition, you will use note card and provide an outline to the instructor. Most importantly, you will simply "speak from your heart" using your note cards as a reference. A good person to commemorate would be someone who has made a big difference in your life. You could commemorate perhaps a role model, a Mentor, Counselor, a Friend, or someone you have high regards for other than a close relative. It makes this opportunity much easier and more effective if you choose someone who you respect. If you choose the right person this opportunity will be easy for you and inspiring for us. The byproduct of the commemorative speech is inspiration. You will inspire us with your words. Criteria: A. This is an (2-3 minutes) original speech designed to celebrate and reflect the accomplishments and impact of the life of someone personally significant to the speaker. Refer to your textbook Chapter (Special Occasion Speech) for further Instructions. B. Select someone who has made an impact on your life. Then, create and present a speech that reflects upon her/his accomplishments/contributions. C. YOU ARE BEING GRADED ON THE FOLLOWING CRITERIA: 1. Introduction: Attention Getter 2. Organization: Credibility for Person 3. Delivery and Content: a. Speech Familiarity, do not read presentation b. 3X5 or 5 X 7 Note Cards c. Eye Contact d. Enthusiastic/Passionate e. Volume f. Language D. Time: 2-3 minutes (1 point deduction for every minute under or over) Tribute Speech Outline My audience is: My general purpose is: My

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