Free Drama Script: Online Dating Essay

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Scene 1 Rose: Hey mom, just phoning to make sure you’re okay. Feel free to pick up… or not. Okay I’ll phone back in a bit. I really hope you’re not drinking mom... (sees friend) Oh I have to go, love you mom! Bye! Laura: Was that your mom on the phone? Rose: Uh ya she was just asking how the university fair was. She’s just as excited as I am! She really wants me to get into a good school. Laura: Omg ya my parents are taking me to visit a few of them during March Break! Rose: Oh ya same... Laura: My mom even has connections into Princeton! Imagine if she got me in? That would be so awesome! Rose: It would! My mom knows a lot of people from Harvard... Laura: No way! she’ll totally get you in! Your mom seems so nice! Rose: she really is.. Laura: I was thinking though, isn’t it weird that we’ve been friends for 2 years and I haven’t met your mom? Or been to your house… Rose: Oh ya I mean she’s always busy with her business and stuff like that... you know. Laura: Right… and your house is still undergoing reno? I’m pretty sure that doesn’t take more than a year. Rose: Um they should be done soon, and then you can visit. I’ve got to go... lots of applications to fill out. Laura: Wait what? What’s wrong? I wasn’t trying to be rude I’m just sort of confused! I mean I thought we told each other everything. Rose: I’m sorry are you saying I’m lying to you? Wow. I have to go. Scene 2 Rose: hey mom! Mom, mom? Mom: groans Rose what the hell are you doing? Why are you waking me up? Rose: I was worried. I’m home from school Mom: welcome home Rose: how was your day Mom: same as any other Rose: so mom, we had the university fair at school today Mom: really? Good job Rose: I was thinking we could talk about some universities that I am interested in. I was thinking of maybe Princeton or Harvard. Mom: Prince or Harvard are you ridiculous Rose? Those are very

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