Free Distribution of Condoms to High Schools and Colleges Essay

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Daniel Boateng-Kontoh Dr. Chewning English 101-301 October 2, 2013 Free distribution of condoms to high school and college students In response to their quest to explore their sexuality, high school and college students are sometimes provided condoms by the government and various higher educational institutions. This recent measure has been criticized both positively and negatively under the social, religious, and economic aspects of life. Taking sides in a matter as such may not be the most ideal thing to do however ignorance is no defense and that it is why I staunchly deem it essential to make an overview of is essential To commence with, one may ask “why high schools and colleges are the center of focus in terms of distributing condoms?” I would answer that question by making reference to the sexual and emotional features that come right from the onset of adolescence. At the age of twelve, a boy or girl experiences physical modification which influences their emotional and sexual preferences. However, they begin to understand more about these changes when they are just about fifteen and at this point they find themselves in high school. As of 2009, the national teen birth rate (ages 15-19) was 39.1% per 1,000 females (warner, Callaghen and Spitz); although, it had decreased by 37% from 61.8% births per 1,000 females in 1991, (warner, Callaghen and Spitz) it has never changed the fact that students in high school are more prone to indulge in sexual intercourse as compared to those in middle school. The same students in high school who have sex are the same ones who proceed into college and continue in the act. Therefore in the fight against STD’s and teenage pregnancy, these institutions of secondary and higher education are made the epicenter in the distribution of condoms. Furthermore, the main motive behind the distribution of condoms to high school

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