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Priscilla R. George English 1302 Professor Sanford Feb. 11, 2015 Free Community College There are people in America with brilliant minds, which go to waste due to the barriers they face in trying to afford college education. The knowledge they possess could help fuel the economy or implement new ideas that could benefit us all. President Obama has come up with a great solution to this burdensome issue. He addressed this issue in his state of the union speech and suggest that "community college should be as free and universal in America as high school. Under President Obamas proposal, the federal government would cover seventy-five percent of the average cost of community college. This means that if a student attends community college at least half the time and maintained a 2.5 GPA, their tuition is free. There are some income requirement and students from families that earn more than $200,000 per year would not be eligible. I agree with President Obama and feel he is on to something innovative, fresh and beneficial for our future generations. There are several benefits to President Obamas proposal and it is definitely an innovative game changer, but some feel it is an empty promise. It just depends on who you ask. A free community college education is definitely beneficial for our economy and there a several benefits. One benefit would be the elimination of debt after graduation according to government data, 40 million Americans now have student loan debt and the numbers is steadily increasing. Another benefit to President Obamas proposal is the possible increase in the number of American with a college education. Educated people tend to make better decisions, and are able to obtain better jobs and in return help pay taxes and build the economy. According to positions that used to require a high school degree are increasingly being

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