Free And Bound Morpheme Essay

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Insan Fadilah Fulki 0906217 Introduction This study is concerned with investigating the comparative study between free morphemes and bound morphemes. This study will help students when they learn about morphemes. Morpheme is a part of a text (Yule, 2010), so they can’t avoid themselves from the text. Because their daily formal education full of text. Whether text about formal education or just entertainment. But specifically, the problem is not about how to stimulus students become more diligent to read a text but actually this study will help students to analyze a text with morphological aspects. When students learn about text, they learn morphemes also in that time. Bloomfield Bloch and Trager (1942:54) define the morpheme as a (free or bound) for which cannot be divided into smaller meaningful parts, and the word as a minimum free form which cannot be divided entirely into smaller free forms. Morpheme is the smallest component of word, its a combination of sounds that have a meaning. A morpheme does not necessarily have to be a word. The concept of word and morpheme are different, a morpheme may or may not stand alone. One or several morphemes compose a word (Spencer, 1992). There are free morphemes, that is morphemes that can stand by themselves as single word, for example, open and tour (Yule, 2010). Based on Van Helden (1993) there are also bound morphemes, which are those forms that cannot normally stand alone and are typically attached to another form, exemplified as re-, -ist, -ed, -es. This study has formulated three questions that are used as guidance in conducting this research. It is presented as follows: 1. How do we differentiate some words whether those are free morpheme or bound morpheme? 2. What is the effect to the reader understanding, if they can recognize a text consisted free and bound morpheme? This research will not only

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