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Rebecca Garrido 1st period Freedom is truly what most people desire, whether the time period is set in the 1880’s or 2013, its safe to say that most people want to have freedom in their groups. It’s as clear as day, so many individuals push themselves and will sometimes break rules to get the freedom they feel they deserve. Its easy to see that most people want to have freedom, you see it everyday everywhere. Teenagers who stay up late because they want to. Full grown adults who play hooky and skip work because they want to. Even small children who play Pokémon under their bed sheets at night also have the desire to be free and do whatever their hearts content to. Its evident that a vast majority of people want freedom. An abundant amount of families around the world who aren’t given the opportunity of freedom, will try everything in their power to come to America for freedom. However, even while freedom is something everyone wants, H.L. Mencken’s argument of “He simply wants to be free” is understandable. His claim is true to a small and obvious extent. Everyone wants to be free, that much is true, but many people care about being safe as well. Its easy to perceive the appeal of being safe, especially in a dangerous situation. Most human beings wouldn’t want to be caught in a battlefield where muskets and cannonballs pretty much pierce a hole right through you! Moreover, there is reason as to why people fight in those battlefields. Its because they fight for, not only their freedom, but other’s as well. Mencken’s observation does apply to some societies, but only to those who are indeed in harms way. If there was a real dangerous situation happening in the area me and my peers live in, I’m sure then all we would care about is being safe. No one wants to be hurt, nor do they want to loose the ones they care about. In the long run, not a lot of

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