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Class Storage in the Portal NEW FEATURE!! **YOU CAN NOW JOIN MULTIPLE SECTIONS IN TO ONE CLASS STORAGE FOLDER** The default quota of 1GB will apply to the one folder. THIS IS SEPARATE FROM AND DOES NOT AFFECT THE D2L MERGE PROCCESS. Class storage requests can be made at 1- If you wish to join sections click “Course Join” in the left pane. *This must be done prior to requesting storage for the joined sections. 2- Click “Create Joined Courses” 3- Select the proper Year/Term and Subject. 4- Select the sections you want to Join and click the “Add” button. 5- When finished adding sections click “Create”. [pic] You will receive a “Successful” message. You can join more classes or click cancel to finish. You will then be taken to a page that shows your joined courses. [pic] 6- Click on “Create Class Storage” in the left pane of the page. 7- Select the proper Year/Term, Subject, and Class ID. You will be added as an instructor automatically. If you joined sections, they will be displayed here as the first section number followed by a “J”. [pic] 8- If you wish to add more instructors, use the”search” and “add” buttons to add instructors as needed. [pic] 9- Click “Submit” when finished. 10- You will be taken to the “Edit Class Storage” page where you can change instructors or create class groups. 11- If you wish to create groups for your class, click “New Group” under the Group Folders section. [pic] 12-

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