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United States History Frederick Douglass The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass entails the trials and tribulations of Frederick Douglass as a plantation slave and a city slave. Douglass had to face many hard decisions during his hard life. He desire to educate himself and his fellow peers is what continued to drive him on. A slave learning to read was a crime punishable by death. Even when he was facing the most impossible to situations, he persevered through and lived to tell one of the most amazing and compelling stories that we today have of slavery and the horrors it produced. In this book, Douglass conveys that no matter what situation a person is in, whether slave or free, that they can make it through and make something of themselves. When Douglass was born he was separated from his mother at birth, a common practice at that time. This was done so that the child would not gain any attachment to its mother, which would cause the child to behave badly and refuse orders from his master. What kind of heartless and cruel people would do this to human beings? First off, the slave owners didn’t consider slaves to be human beings, they considered them to be property and they sure treated them like that. They would beat slaves like you beat a wall when you are mad. They would give them the worst of food, even though they would work 12 hours in the field. How can you treat a human being like this and not feel the guilt pounding on your back? Many of these slave owners were so call “Christians.” They would go to church on Sunday to clear their conscience of what they were doing, saying they believe in God while they mistreat the slaves. Some slave owners would give slaves the same food as pigs. Though there were many instances of inhumane treatment of slaves, there were some slave owners that treated slaves like their best friends. For instance, in

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