Fredrick Douglas a Selection of Quotes

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Fredrick Douglas 1. A. Fredrick Augustus Washington Bailey was born in the cabin of his grandmother Betsy Bailey. This cabin was located along the Tuckahoe Creek, in Talbot County Maryland (2). B. Fredrick Bailey was born a slave as it was law that any child born of a slave would also be a slave (43). 2. Author Fredrick Douglas in his narrative gives us the following information regarding his parents. Regarding his mother he informs us that she was named Harriet Bailey. Her parents were Isaac and Betsey bailey, both colored and quite dark (42). He then goes on to state that his mother had a darker complexion than either of her parents. The author gives us the following information regarding the identity of his father. At the beginning of his narrative he asserts that “My father was a white man (42). He follows this up by informing us that “He was admitted to be by all I ever heard speak of my parentage” (42). He goes even further in stating that although the actual identity of his father was withheld from him, it was rumored to have been his master Aaron Anthony. While describing the relationships between white slave holders and their mixed race children he again asserts that he is of mixed blood. He does this by relating that by the laws of population slavery would die out do to children of mixed ancestry being born who “ who, like myself, owe their existence to white fathers and those fathers mostly frequently their own masters(44). 3. A. It was a common practice for slave owners to separate slave children from mothers to keep family bonds from forming (42). This practice of separation also could have been due to financial reasons, by placing children slaves in care of elderly slave it enabled mother to work. B. Betsy Bailey an elderly slave and grandmother of Fredrick raised him. C. Fredrick Douglas saw his mother four or five times

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