Fredrick Douglas Essay

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Jeff Lin 9/6/14 period 4 B. Arguably the most emotional and metaphorical paragraph is the sixth. What strategies does Douglass use to convey his purpose in this paragraph? Think about the way he achieves tone. The Life of Frederick Douglas In the essay “ Learning to Read and Write” by Frederick Douglass, a slave since childhood, describing the harsh conditions and the challenges he faced in order to obtain the skills of how to read and write. His enslavers did not want Douglass to have the education in learning anything that would make himself as equal as them, however Douglass did not stop his aspiration in learning. In this essay Frederick Douglass uses strategies such as powerful but depressing diction, irony, and repetition to set the stages he went through to achieve education. Starting off in the beginning of the essay with frank tone a clear message of what he is trying to express to the readers, as the story moves forward the tone becomes more complex. It slowly builds up Douglass’s feeling, having a more passionate and emotional tone to express Douglass’s inner heart. The purpose for Frederick Douglass to write this essay is to tell the American people the disgust in slavery, which have caused both mental and physical damage in a person's mind. “The more I read, the more I was led to abhor and detest my enslavers” said Frederick Douglass. In paragraph six Douglass uses powerful but depressing diction to express his inner rage and bitterness towards the white people who stripped away his freedom, liberty, and equality away. The use of “Abhor” and “Detest” emphasized the hatred and anger Douglas have toward the white people who “stole them from their homes, and [forced them] in a strange land reduced them to slavery”. As Frederick Douglass continues to gaining the ability to read and learn the truth about the society, his hatred towards the whites grew even
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