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Frederick Douglas Questions and Answers 1. A narrative is an account or story that presents connected events and may be organized into various categories. 2. It is a primary source. This was written first hand by author. 3. The book was originally written for majority would be white be made aware of the injustice of slavery and to change the white assumption about slavery being an institution. Chapter 1/1 1. Frederick Douglas place of birth was Talbot County Eastern Shore of Maryland and he was born in 1818 . 2. Nothing was known of Frederick Douglass’s father as in the time of slavery, recognition of father’s was nonexistent. He however describes his mother as tall and finely proportioned with a dark glossy complexion and regular features that he saw rarely except for a few hasty visits at night. He lived with and was under the care of his grandmother. 3. Douglass’s mum was hired out as a slave help with distance separating them. The attitude of separating children from their families was aimed at reducing the slaves to the level with a brute. 4. The law that all children born to slave women were to remain slaves benefited the slaves master in that it allowed the white free man who fathered a child with a slave to sell his own child without incurring reproach. 5. Douglas first master was Colonel Lloyd and his first over seer was Mr Seveir. The overseer was generally accuser, judge, jury advocate and executioner of all matters regarding the slaves. 6.The first bloody scene of slavery Douglas encountered was of a young woman from Tuckahoe who happened to be his cousin who was abused by the overseer Mr Plummer. He had dealt her a blow on the head with a hickory club leaving her face covered with blood. She had travelled barefooted , bare-necked and bare-headed for twelve miles to the master for protection. Instead of sympathizing with the young woman the

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