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Julisa Suarez Ms.Crocco English AP , 11th December 10th ,2012 The Narrative life of Fredrick Douglas by “Fredrick Douglas” tells readers of the tragic events that have impacted him during his life as a slave. I find it miraculous that he was still able to function under the many difficult circumstances he has been in throughout the course of his life. Fredrick Douglas secretly taught himself how to read and write, which gave him the skills to write this moving book about the times of slavery and enduring many things such as physical abuse, mental abuse, and witnessing certain things that nobody should have to. Fredrick Douglas, who is also the narrator, uses pathos, ethos, and logos to support his reasoning for making this book, which was to give his readers some insight on the certain things that African American slaves had to endure, and how they struggled to survive during the harsh times as an African American slave. Fredrick Douglas creates a depressing tone in chapter one when he talks about the abuse of his aunt. “I have often been awakened at the dawn of day by the most heart ranching shrieks of an aunt of mine, who he would tie up in a joist and whip till she was covered in blood.” Fredrick Douglas is using ethos and pathos in this sentence. He is sharing an occurrence from his past, which gives him credibility because it was something that he had witnessed, rather than something that he had heard through the grape vine. You can also identify logos in this quote when he uses the words “heart wrenching” which refers to something that causes great sadness, to describe his aunt’s shrieks from the pain of being whipped. He is giving us as the readers an idea of the way this instance in his life made him feel, while creating a somber tone for the reader. The pathos and ethos in this quote by the author Fredrick Douglas showed the readers a prime

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